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Work season's figures

More details later, after my U.S. History II final.

5(weekends)*2*12=300(weekend hours)

5(day)*12(hours)*11(weeks)=660(weekly hours)
1(extra day)*12(hours)*8(weeks)=96(extra hours)

300(weekend hours)+660(weekly hours)+96(extra hours)=1056(season hours)

1056(season hours)*4(hourly wage)=4224(normal wages)
1056(season hours)*2(hourly bonus)=2112(end-of-season bonus)

4224(normal wages)+2112(end-of-season bonus)=6336(total earned)

All that in three and a half months. Spooky.

Err, anyone know how much taxes are in Louisiana, specifically for a dependant minor?
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