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First day at the job.

[Edit: I originally wrote this on a paper napkin at work. I started to type it up some time after I got home at 10:40, but got so sleepy I put it on hold. I woke up about 3:15 so I finished it up and posted it. I'm still tired so I'm going back to sleep now.]

I like my job. Really, I love it. You'd envy me too if you got to work with some decent fellow employees, not have management hanging over your head every half an hour, and get to see lots of cute male bodies. Err, so what if I can't or don't want to connect with any of them. *shrug*

Anyway, my first day was long, over 12 hours, but its good work. We were slow all throughout the morning with only like five customers. Either way, I screwed up the cash register a total of 8 times (how many times I had to make a manual adjustment on the overring sheet).

I worked in Sweet Magnnolia with 3 food service people. Viviana, hispanic, 25 years old; Joshua, white, 19 years old; and a black girl appoximately 18 or 19 years old.

Josh, as the rumors go, is a rapist since he, quite frankly, asked one the female cash control people (which is my department) if he could eat her. Now, to those uninformed few, this may not seem like anything but it's actually a sexual reference to tonguing vigina... yeah. He didn't actually seem like that but there was a reference to multiple sex partners and maybe it's cause I'm a guy.

As for Viviana, she's a nice person, although she acts more like a late teen than mid-twenties. She also seems to be the center of a lot of frustration and stress, or at least a handy outlet for other people.

I don't really know what's to think of the other girl. She seemed energetic and playful, but we never really talked.

Oh, it rained. A lot. The Diamond Rio concert was nearly rained out.

*sigh* I gotta go now. I have work at 1:30 tomorrow today.
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