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Three napkins later...

It's about 9:50 and I'm done with my cash register setup. All that is left for me to do is wait for a customer and hope I don't make a mistake, as this register doesn't seem to have an adequat paper register to see the previous reciept list.

Anyway, about the things I wanted to talk about. Last night I had coffee/tea with the daughter of one of my theatre classmates, Tarrah & Jackie, respectively. There was also a guy named Corey and Tarrah's girlfriend of two years, although I didn't get her name. Tarrah knows the manager at Waffle House and offered to see about getting me a job there. I would only be making like @2 an hour, but I would be getting tips as well. It sounds like a very intriguing idea and I'm tempted to take her up on it.

The reasons I'm tempted to take her up on it is because I'm not too keen on this job here. If, for any reason, I'm fired or have to leave before the season is over, I'm technically forfiting 1/3 of my pay right there, and that amount grows larger the longer I'm here. I don't trust this job or the people behind it enough not to find some reason to let me go after the summer but before the season ends in October. One of the reasons for that is because they're only paying us, people under 18, $4 an hour "because they can", as Mrs. Cathy said, the supervisor oof the actual admissions office. To do something at the lowest wage possible simply because you can? Not very endowing of trust especially if you're 18 or over you get $6 automatically (not no $5.15 with a .85 cent bonus for every hour). You can also get fired for the simplest things aorund here. Sitting on the counter, not saying yes/no ma;am/sir. I could even get fired for writing this even though I would have nothing else to do but stare outside or at the food service people while they set up. If I was getting the $6 an hour that people 18 and over get I wouldn't even be considering leaving, but until I've worked here nearly half the summer they're not giving me much reason to stay either.

Bah! Can you see my delimma? It's not exactly a big once since I already have this job, but if I can go to something better, even with the same amount of hours, I would be better off.

Believe it or not, everything above this was on the front and back of one napkin. I'm writting this on a new one. At any rate, another way you can get fired here is by having any personal items on you while working, That includes, but isn't limited to, a license, key, money, cellphone (talking on a cellphone is a fireable offence), pager, etc. We also don't get any free passes, season passes, or discounts for working here. Our only reward is the $4 an hour we make combined with the 8 to 11 or 12 hours work days, fire days a wekk. The thing about the 8 hour work days is we don't know we'll have them until we get assigned our positions in the morning. It makes it very hard to have any kind of social life outside of work if you don't know if you're getting off early until that morning AND you don't know your work schedule until the Sudnay before the week. (why do we have to give a two week written notice for vacation time yet we can't get a two week ahead work schedule?)

Hmm, looks like the park has finally opened, as my position in the Fuel Dock (food place) gives me a partial view of what looks like the kiddie pool. Business here probably won't pick up until nooon or so.

I'm going to give myself the next few days to decide if I'll be able to survive this place before I ask Tarrah to see about the Waffle House position.

[Spoiler Warning] The Angel finale was... interesting. I never did understand all that happened, or even who the blue girl was. It was a sad ending though. Angel had to betray his friends in order to get to the inner circle people. It was just too bad he couldn't do more to change the balance of things before he apparently dies at the end.

heh. A number of the guys here wear their swim shorts extremely low. So low that a centimeter lower would expose major pubic hair ;) Now that I'm actually doing something while waiting for customers this isn't so bad. Still not that great though.

Wow, what a rush. Almost non-stop customers for like an hour or two. I'm guessing since there are no clicks around here.

On my way to break Mrs. Kathy stopped me and got onto my case about only leaving my replacement 5 $1s. The last time I had checked I had about 15 to 20 $1s. We were in the middle of a line of customers when my replacement got here and most of them were getting like 3 and 4 dollors in change, so it goes down pretty fast at that rate. Also, it has been my experience that when I start running low on something, the next group of people give me that specific thing, so I don't have to call for more. On a good note, my replacement actually changed the letter when she started & changed it back when she left. Yay, someone with a brain that cares.

Ok, so I was wrong about the kiddie pool. It's actually a tide pool, with artifical waves and all that. At the time I didn't see how deep it was and the wave machine wasn't on.

As long as I have a constant stream of customers I don't have to think about the job itself. I think that's what I liked about the theater job, as there were "rsues" all throughout the day, and whenever there wasn't one we were re-stocking our registers and the common foods (popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, etc).

What I like about this job: It's rather simple & easy, I'm in an enviroment where showing skin is not shunned, my fellow employees are pretty nice (although there isn't much communication outside of admissions), and it's a paying job. Umm, I haven't been able to think of any other reasons in the last half an hour to fourty-five minutes.

It's now about 4 pm and we don't have any customers. There are still quite a few people in the pools but I wouldn't really expect a rush of customers for another hour os so, supper time.

I'm guessing it's around 5pm now. Pretty quiet w/only one or two customers every 15 minutes. Time seems to be passing rather slowly because of this. I don't know if I could take it like this, but I also don't know that I couldn't. I guess it's more a matter of if I' want to take it or not. IF I don't it'll be a blemish on my record without a real or good reason for quiting. I'll also might be albe to move on to something better, but that's a gamble.

This is probably the easiest job here, but it still doesn't justify the pay. 8 to 12 hour days. $4 an hour. It's not even true minimum wage ($5.15). Why the heck did I tell her $4 an hour was alright when she interviewed me that second time? Was I really that caught up in actually being offered a job that I didn't think about what I was really getting myself into? Bah Humbug.
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