Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Three napkins from two days past...

Concerning the previous three: I know these entries are very long, but surely they're not that long? I really wanted some feedback on the last one yet only one person bothered to say anything about it.

Now these three:

ooo... my lucky day. I found a napkin on the ground. OK, that does sound pretty pathetic, but I'm working the parking lot shift today. No idea when I get off, probably not until close, but for some reason it doesn't seem so bad. I don't have any idea why, but maybe it's the freshair outdoors or maybe I've expended all my problems with this place.

On that thought, I was just fused at by Mrs. Kathy. Apparently I let someone in that wasn't with a group or handicapped. ... they passed by again just now and I found out it was a car with the "Our Lady of Lords" group. Ha, I didn't think I screwed up a third time this morning. My first two screw ups were forgetting to radio in a handicapped SUV and telling the "Our Lady of Lords" group bus to just go in, park, and to wait for someone to get them but after I radioed in and they were heading off Mrs. Kathy told me to have them line up at the ferry dock & park at the end of the parking lot. It seems they got serviced fine anyway, thankfully.

Hmm, this promises to be a very interesting day, especially with Mrs. Kathy calling me every so often to tell me I screwed up when, as far as I can remember, no other people came in that weren't supposed to. Bah humbug. This smells of trying to get me fired. >_<

I'm nearing the end of the first half of my napkin, so I'm just going to sit here for a while and think. I would ponder what I need to do for PDI but I'm not sure w/out reviewing it so that'll have to wait. Oh hey, does anyone know of a job where I'd have free access to a computer? Mmm, I know, I'll think about IK and the RPG that is being role-played in its forum. I'm tempted to join.

This unscripted, for at least some of it, is pretty nice. The risk of screwing up increases a great deal because of that, but at least it's challenging. Hmm...

Random Thought: "If they make us pay for parking passes, I quit."

The one thing that has me the most concerned still is being weighted down to this specific location. I want to have the option to move in with my brother, Casey, or anyone else I could move in with or just to.

I've also recalculated my 8 hour days in and I make significantly less than I thought I would've. Approximately 1/3 of my figures is not accounted for when I don't get all 12 hour days.

Mmm... Lunch is good. I got a grilled chicken burger combo from Sonic. It came with two napkins so I pawned them for writing on, which I'm doing right now. Oh, I love my pen ;) Dunno why, but it writes so darn well.

Michelle, a girl I met in admissions the other week, was telling me over lunch earlier that Mrs. Kathy has seemed very irrated and irratable today.

I think I'm going to call Tarrah tonight and ask her if she can go ahead and look into the Waffle House job. See if she can find out what the rules and regulations would be there and what kind of hours I could work. At least if I would be allowed to bring a notebook (computer? heh) for when I'm not doing anything else.

I'm going to have to wash cloths tonight. Although I was working indoors all day yesterday I was still next to the hot frying equipment and today I'm outside near or in the heat.

Now that I have an entire extra napkin I think I'll jot some notes about the RPG thing. ... Wow, that sounds horrible. "an entire extra Napkin."

I was reviewing some radio protocol when I thought this scenario up:
"Parking lot to Mrs. Kathy."
"Go ahead."
"I need some assistance with my cash register."
xD If you don't get it, that's alright. The punch line is that people in the parking lot don't have cash registers - we have pouches we wear around our waist.

Also some real tidbits snagged from the radio.
"Mrs. Kathy, a lady says a payphone in front of the Kleinpeter store ate her change."
"The pay phone in front of the Kleinpeter store."
"I didn't know we had a payphone there."

And also Mrs. Kathy once said, "Where is locker 536?"

Whee! I've gone crazy!

I'm on my third napkin now, after my second 31 minute break. No, I didn't fill up the last napkin all the way. Each time  Igo on break I deposit all the napkins I've written on so far in my locker. If they catch me writing and confiscat my napkins, I want to try to be able to retain at least some of them.

Anyway, about the crazy thing. I've been talking to myself all day, and then after someone leaves I'l make a remark about it. Like, quite a few times someone says, "I'm here to pick up a lifeguard" and after they're gnoe I'll go "I don't care that you're picking up a lifeguard. All I care is that you're piucking up someone and not trying to park over here to get in. If your child, sibling, or whoever is a lifeguard, it doesn't make them anything special as far as I'm concerned."


More radio bits:
Dixie Landin' Parking Lot: I'm also going to need $1s.
Mrs. Kathy: What do you need $1s for!? You only take $5s!
Dixie Landin' Parking Lot: Well, I'm down to just $20s now.
Mrs. Kathy: We'll get you the $10s and $5s.

Yes Indeed. Even if I quit, I need tocome back w/one of these radios just to listen to the crazy happenings.


I make this place look good. I smile, I wave, I say Hi, I'm friendly, I don't get intolerant of of the customers or employees. But yeah, I'm ready to go home for the day. I've even gotten bitten a few times by misquitos. Bleh.
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