Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Yesterday's single napkin

I spoke with Mrs. Kathy a few moments ago as she checked up on me.

One of the things I mentioned was about the money and hours. She said that I had agreed to that when I took the job and she couldn't do anything about it. Then she asked if I would be looked for another job and I said yes, but that I would give her at least a few days notice before I leave. She said that was fine.

The other thing I mentioned was that the food service people were eating food off the job without paying for it. She told me to call her if I see it happening again and she would come take care of it. Once the workers got here I warned them about it eating food and giving away cups. I probably shouldn't have as I'm going to look like a tattletail now... although I guess I would be anyway. I hope they don't make me call Mrs. Kathy as I wouldn't want them to lose their job if they don't have to. Oh well. (The reason I asked about this is because if they find out I knew the food service people were "stealing" I get in trouble too.)

Oh, Chris got fired yesterday. He tells me he was fired for "Not paying attention to [his] ride." I'm not sure I believe him (he's that kind of person) but still... he's not working here anymore. I gave him a ride home, but it actually turned out to be just down the road to meet up with his girlfriend, who seemed to have stood him up. I waited with him for an hour but no show. He got a ride home with someone else who showed up at the gas station next door, I'm guessing because I freaked him out by talking about not-so-appropriate things (I blame my insanity). I didn't get home until 10pm.

Today I'm back in Sweet Magnolia. Again it is turning out really slow this morning. I'm not expecting a lot of customers until at least midday, although there will be more people in the park because it's the first day of summer, school is out, and the new water ride Conja is opening today as well. [oh, and there's a concert tonight. Umm, Mark Wills]

Last weekend I worked 18 hours. Thursday this week I worked 8.2, yesterday was approximately 10 hours, and today I'll be working at least 12 hours. In total I've worked about 48 hours to qual about $192 should I stop working today. I'll probably end up working at least 3 more days or guessing another $120 on to that. I'm also guessing the work shirts were $15 each (x2) and the hat was $5. In total, I'll make at least $275, with taxes taken out.

That seems like more than enough to get a gamecube off ebay, Animal Crossing, and a season pass to Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin'. After those are bought I'll have about $125 left.

Dang, I write more on a napkin then I do on a single sheet of lined notebook paper. I'm already down to the last 1/4 of this napkin. I can't write on the very inside of the napkins or I won't be able to tell, easily at least, what I wrote on each side.

Now that I'm out of things to write, I think I'll doodle and/or write a short story.
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