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This is no napkin, folks

Soon after my second break yesterday I had almost non-stop customers even after closing. It was so busy I was ringing up like two orders a minute (that's pretty fast, considering the food service people had to get them their food as well) and I had to call for a pickup (cash register emptying) TWICE. Nearing the time we closed I needed another pickup but didn't call for one since it was so close to closing. Peopling were still trying to come in after closing so they actually had to tell a group they we were closed and turn them away.

On a sore note, my back wanted to kill me by the time I got out of there. It felt like this really large knot right in the upper center of my back, a little toward the right side, that just wouldn't go away no matter what position I sat or stood. After a night of sleep it's subsided now, at least for the worst part. If it flares up again I might ask to go home early (6pm) rather than stay all day. Man.

EEP! *rushes off to wash cloths, which he didn't get done yesterday or the night before*

[Edit: I got my grades in today. Apparently Dr. Carson doesn't want to see me again, as he gave me a C in his class. =p If he hadn't, I would have like a F in there because I didn't do the last book essay on Player Piano. I have a 3.13 3.00 GPA this semester from a C in U.S. History II, a B in Adolescent Psychology, and a A in Theatre: Intro to Acting. Yay :-)]

[Edit #2: Ya know, I keep expecting to get complemented on my work. "Oh, you did such a great job during the rush. Very accurate work very fast." ... that or basically fused at and/or fired. -.-']
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