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A disturbing day, plus a few napkins.

meh... today was disturbing, and sad. After I got off work I talked to Mrs. Kathy.

The first thing I wanted to make sure is that I wasn't doing a bad job. She said no, and wondered why I asked. I told her it was because of all the times I've had to mark the overring sheet. She said that she would give it a few more days and that would have to stop, but if it's a customer error then it's not a problem (for example, the customer changes their mind).

The second thing I mentioned about was the food service people in my location were eating on the job. They were eating the ice cream and cookies and drinking the soda. She asked me to describe them but I couldn't really. I knew one of their names was Lacita and the other two were a black girl and a black guy. Not much help, but they'll be able to find out who was working there today and match it up. They're most likely going to get fired now. -.-

Okay, so now the napkins I wrote on today:

*claws eyes out* Argh!! I'm working with a major cutie today. (He moved to another location after a couple of hours, and I found his name is Zac) Umm, should I even be writing that? oh well. My writing is really sloppy and big right now.

So today I'm working in Gift Snacks/Teche' General Store. It's basically Blue Bayou's counterpart to Sweet Magnolia, except extremely run down. Half of it looks like a junk disposal and the other half is the snack part. The line uses one of the "go back and forth" styles before you can actually order anything. (We would tell people to just come in the exit)

I've noticed the food service people tend to hold their conversations on the other ends of the buildings, away from the cash registers and me. This effectively cuts me out of the loop. Bah.

Ya know, forget reporting these food service people. I don't get paid enough to be watchdog as well as admissions/cash control. (too bad I didn't follow this, but these people snacked all day long)

*shakes head* yeah, no one wants to get involved with me like that. *sigh* My aura is all wrong and I'm psychologically screwed.

I've been considering making this list for a little while now. Since I have the time I might as well now.

I want my man to:
- hold my hand and kiss me in public.
- make me feel like I'm loved.
- not drink or do drugs. Preferably not smoke.
- be romantic, although not too much.
- be receptive to spur-of-the-moment ideas and run with me on them.
- hold intelligent conversations, not just about music or actors.
- be okay with me as I am, and to not be miffed whenever I say "I don't care," "It doesn't matter," or "Either way is fine."
*goes to scixual's list of traits in a guy and grabs ideas from it*
- be honest and open.
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