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No napkins today

Z Zonked
I Important
M Misunderstood
Z Zonked
A Ambitious
T Tender

Ooo... I did ticket taking today. It's a useless job but I guess someone has to do it. Seriously, the turnstyle people could make sure no one gets in that hasn't paid.

I talked to Mrs. Kathy again today (sheesh, this is becoming a habit) and told her I would be leaving soon and wanted to know if it would be better for her if I left after this week or next. She said next, so I said ok. My last day is supposidly the 6th of June now. I kind of wanted to work next week anyway, as that is the end of the second pay period anyway. I thought really hard about retracting that second week so I could have some time to take care of some other things, but I guess I can take care of them anyway.

There are several reasons why I've gone ahead and quit Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin'. One being that I'm getting resigned to bing there, as if there will never be anything better for me. Uncaring about the job and just like "whatever." That's not good because my performance will do nothing but drop afterwords. Another is that it's pretty hard to look for other jobs or even schedule another job when your hours are pretty spuradic and hard to predict.

One of the people I worked with today is a guy who really has my interest for some reason. He's very laid back, but at the same time very active. His name is Trafton, but the problem is he has a girlfriend.

I also started feeling couple envy today. And I think I saw a guy I knew way back in primary school. (Cody Watts) No, I'm sure I saw him. I don't think he remembers me though. Oh well -.- He's still short, and cute. ;)

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