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Gaining touch...

heh, my napkin collection is starting to grow rather large. Some random notes before we get to the napkins:

Chris (guy I gave a ride to a few times) came in for his check yesterday. It was for Zero dollars and 0 cents. Go figure XD

Watch me get put in Sweet Magnolia again today. This'll make the third Saturday in a row I've been there.

I need to wash my hair. I haven't done that in days, and it seems to feel like it too. I'll go do that now then, while you read the two napkins.

Friday Afternoon: Dippin' Dots

I've never worked here before and it shows. I mean Britnee (?)opens and I ask her what to do. She gives me a basic rundown of the place and I'm left to figure out the rest. She told me I had to do inventory but I can't seem to find a inventory sheet, so... yeah. I can't really do inventory. (I did it anyway on the back of my overring sheet)

I almost got here late. I walked into the clock room at 1:29 and by the time he got my card it was 1:30 on the dot. Despite that it still took Mrs. Kathy 10-15 minutes for her to get to us.

Ok, time for a location report. It sucks. Well, at least as far as visibility goes. The entire front panel of this ~9x9 building is glass, along with half of each side, leaving it well exposed.

Okay, what is up with the menu on this place? On the front windows it says "Vanilla," "Chocolate," "Rainbow Ice," "Mint Chocolate," and "Strawberry Cheesecake Yogurt." The problem with this is we only have "Vanilla," "Chocolate," "Strawberry," "Chocolate Mint," "Banana Split," "Cotton Candy," and "Cookies in Cream." Do you seem my problem here? Not only do we have more flavors than are listed, but we also don't have all the flavors listed. If someone askes for the strawberry cheesecake yogurt I just give them strawberry, but a number of people have asked for rainbow ice and I've had to tell them we don't have it.

Pretty busy here. I guess it's cause I'm the most promenant seller of something cold on a hot day. But come on, a $2 ice cream cone easily beats this place's $3 small and $4 large. Because the ice cream is in little dots it's going to melt fast anyway, so I don't see why it would sell better. Just cause it's different I guess, and has a catchy name.

Man, my back is starting to hurt. All this twisting and turning in this small building to get everything really sucks. Ok, maybe not, but it's still a lot of movement for such a small job. It's about 7:30 (total guess, as my register has no clock like a lot of others do).

I was on break earlier with Chris, Brandon, Heather, and some other girl. As Heather and I were clocking back in she tells me that Brandon (or was it Chris) is gay. I stare at her and I'm like "What??!" After a quick exchange of "How do you know?" I ask if he's single. She didn't know! Bah humbug, that doesn't do me any good, and I told her so. So she's going to find out now. Yay!! I could ask for better, but I'm not going to push my luck with two possibilities in the fire. (If they both turn out gay and single, uh oh, haha)

Daaang!! Dude. OMGosh. A rather large group of Admissions people in-training just walked by. And by large, I mean like 20 people. It only takes like 15 people to run both parks in a day. Wait, better make that 20 so you have people at the actual admissions gates.

Rumor has it like 18 people were fired yesterday. Most of them are rumored to have been fired for eating food w/out paying. One person, Mallory, was fired because she "overslept" twice. The first time she was only an hour late, but the second time she was like 3 or 4 hours late. That time Mrs. Kathy told her to just go back to bed. If Mrs. Kathy was planning all these firings then I can definately see why she wanted me on that extra week. Someone experienced for the Memorial day holiday is definately a plus.

I ran out of small cups a little while ago so Erica told me to sell the Large at Small price. When they were able to get me more cups they brought me 400 of both small & large. heheheh (a total of 800 cups, or 16 sleeves)

It's very dark outside now so I'm going to guess it's close to 8:30, possibly 9pm, but I kind of doubt it's that late, as it was only 6:30 like an hour and a half ago, but I may be wrong. Any any rate, I'm not exactly looking forward to a 12 hour work day tomorrow as much as I am a day off Sunday.

I know a lot more people are thinking about leaving due to the wage, amoung other things. I'm not sure they'll follow through though, as they seem more of the type whose bark is worse than their bite. Yeah, it's sad that a lot of people will yap on and on about how bad a thing is but in the end they'll just sit there and take it. It drives people like me (Who?) crazy, because we'll start to do something about it and they'll just leave us out to dry.

Ok, it's getting cold in here.
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