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Dreams, dreams... a night of dreams

I dreamed last night.

Jo and I were watching something on TV, or at least I think it was Jo. He's laying on the floor in some covers and I'm ... somewhere else although I'm not exactly sure where, maybe a chair. The next thing I know he's inviting me in the covers with him to cuddle. I'm apparently a sucker for cuddling, as I accepted.

Soon after we get interupted and I spend the rest of the dream trying to get back under the covers with him however there is no apparent luck as far as that goes. Grr...

Anyway, one of the things I do is get some welding stuff. I have no idea why or what I made, but I had it. My dad is also painting a building and is nearly done when he runs out of paint. He's just about to leave to get some more when he has me check the paint stock to see if we have anymore. We don't, but we do have a color close to it, and Lonnie tries to get him to think that it will work. I left them to let them work it out.

I think there was another scene but I can't remember what, oh well.
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