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Two rants for the price of one

I hate my mom.

She claims to listen to what I say and how I feel, but in the end reverts to what she thinks. I try to describe my life and how I live it to her, but it's always back to the way she sees my life and refuses to trust me to live my life like I want. She insists that no matter what I want it will always be the way she sees it, as a sex object and a target.

She thinks I'm a flirt. Maybe I am but not the way she thinks. She thinks I have "tricks" and that kind of thing. I'm guessing she believes that thing about how gay men have up to ten partners in a single night, or something like that.

No wonder I don't pay any attention to them.

I'm sick of being treated like a piece of clay in their hands that isn't being molded so they drench it in water trying to soften it up. It's less than 20 days until I turn 18 and she acts like it's the last chance she'll get to convert me to her beliefs. Hello? If you didn't have my ear before now then what makes you think anything you try to force me into do will let you have it now? Get over yourself woman and let me live my life like I want.

You can't say you love me but hate everything I do. It just doesn't work that way. If you love me then you love the things I do. I am what I do and I refuse to be seperated as if I'm some seperate entity of what I do. What I do is what makes me who I am, regardless of how little or great it is.

Please... just stop trying to make me who you think I should be. I'm not your little bedroom toy you display to show how good of parents you are. I am me, not you or yours.

That brings me to a slightly seperate issue.

I think it's wrong to consider kids property, and have the right to deny them access to things that would normally be considered under family ownership.

For example, the house you live in is not only the parents', it is also the kids'. They have just as much right to be there and behave like they want as you do, just so long as it isn't in a destructive manner. For goodness sake, parents shouldn't have the power to threaten their 16 year old kid that if they don't do what they say they'll kick you out of the house.

The excuss that the parents pay for all that is pure bull. The kid can't pay for all that because they're going to school so that one day they will take over their lives and live independantly of their parents. In the mean time they should have equal access to household items and privileges.

If the parents would raise their kids right from the get-go this wouldn't even be an issue. Treat them like independant individuals, not like some slave property. After it's all said and done, they don't owe the parents anything. The parents brought them into this world without their consent, and it is then the parents' duty to take care of the child. For the parent to say they didn't have to do "this, this, and this" will only alienate their child and cause a rift to be formed.

You don't believe me? Try letting your prejudices and the way you were raised go, and see if you really think that way. Feel free to raise objections to this theory. I'd love to hear them and respond to them, but if all you're doing is sticking with your prejudices despite what I say then don't expect a kind word.

As kids we should be taught to listen to, not just hear, what is said and take it into consideration. As parents we should teach them that our way isn't the only way, and to guide them down their road in life, not ours.
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