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Another game flip

It took about 19 to 20 hours but I finally beat Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. I didn't get most of the stuff I would have prefer to get, or I would have been playing the game for at least another 3 years, game time (probably at least 3 hours real time).

I went in and traded that game for Super Mario Sunshine. I figure I'd go ahead and see about that game. It's also a good thing I got the really big memory card or I'd be running out of space right about now. xD

Anyway, other stuff too. Umm, stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff that's more than I want to discuss, cause, ya know, I don't like being poked at and being made fun of, even if it's in a jolly light-hearted manner. This stuff just isn't something I want dealt with that way. bleh.
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