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Conversation Snippets

"You should eat more" "You don't think I know that?!"
"What is your favorite food?" *thinks* "I don't have any." "Sure you do. What do you like to eat?" "I don't like to eat. In order to have a favorite food you have to like eating something, but I don't like to eat anything."
"You complained so much about being cramped I thought you'd like the window seat." "I only complained when we first started off and I never mentioned it again since then."
Just about everyone tells me the first one. My sister said the second one. My brother said the last one.
I know I'm starving, but I still don't feel like eating. At this rate I'm better off starving to death then being around people.

Just... I wish people would stop telling me what I should do.
It's like "No Duh Sherlock!"

The more people tell me I have to change the more I want to stop trying... or stop wanting to change.
When people tell me I'm worth something, I don't believe them at all. Not even one little iota of belief. All I feel is that they're just trying to justify ... something.
No, that isn't it.
All I feel is I don't deserve it. It's hollow...
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