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Missed appointments and moving apartments

Mmm, I need more press coverage. Eh, wait, what was that? I'm not even sure.

ANYWAY! <before you people think I'm even more insane> I was supposed to go with my brother and sister to talk to this lady about selling her house. When I went to bed at, what was it, 3 am I totally forgot this fact so I didn't set my alarm. I got up at 9 am this morning and just dazed on my bed. My whole world was literally the music that was playing and nothing else. Finally I got bored from that so I fully awoke and realized we had to leave by 9am to get there on time, and it was now 9:15. Although I came down to find them not having left yet, I decided I would only make them later still because I hadn't had my shower yet and that'd take me 10 to 20 minutes to get fully done. Oh well, there will be more times this month.

In other and more important news, I'll be moving into my own apartment July 30th when I go back to Louisiana. Well, it won't exactly be my own cause I'll have two room mates, but the fact that I'll have my own apartment will be so nice :-) All I have to do is find $100 for the security deposit (check, parent's birthday money to me) and $20 for the application fee (check, sister owes me). I won't have to pay rent until the end of August because I'm moving in so late in July. So, first order of business when I move is to get a job, and put out "We Buy Homes" signs. That is if I can ever read that book. My brother and sister keep taking it so I haven't read it myself yet.

heh, tearysky is a wacko. ;-)

Err, Noooo!! ACK! ... Can't... breath...  x-x (joking)

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