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After much annoyance

OMGosh!!! I finally got it to work! I modified some more of LiveJournal's S2 layer code and it knew how to be annoying, or I just upset it.

The way it worked before I modified it (or at least some of it) was it would immediately print out whatever it was working with. Now personally I'm not too happy about this because I prefer to calculate it all (or at least entire sections) before sending it out all at once. In order to do that I had to tell the called functions they would be returning strings, but the builtin functions didn't want to change that. I had to create complete alternative functions in order to get it to work.

After I finally got all that working again I told my entries function to use lj-like tags when it printed out community and user names on the friends page. You can look at my friends page to see for yourself.

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