January 30th, 2003

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soo... I dunno. Jealous of the artists and the writers. I have no real talent of my own to be proud of. I can't draw, I rarely have the muse to write, and even though I write code I don't make programs worth making. *sighs* I really should be happy I get to have a change of scenery soon but it isn't hitting me and it seems like forever till it finally happens. Life just isn't looking up for me right now.

I have another dentist appointment tomorrow to have three small cavities filled. Ever since my last visit the gums in between the first two top teeth have been swollen so I've had to keep my teeth apart slightly to keep from pressing into it. oh well, as life goes.

For awhile I played a web game called Dystopia however I just quit because it is too slow and far too simple to entertain me. Not only that but bugs go unchanged for rounds and magic is just a joke. And now that only leaves Shadowmere in the web games list.

*yawns* Somehow doing nothing in a day can be tiring. I've been sleeping not only at night lately but also during the day. This is so... I daren't say unlike me but it isn't like me either.

ahh.... well, bedtime. Gotta get up early.

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