February 3rd, 2003

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=D Less than twelve hours until I have to be at the bus station. Weee!!! I'm gonna love it.

Spent the evening with my family at Olive Garden. Starred at all the cute waiter boys ^_^ Twas so fun since I talked about it with my sister the whole time and did it in front of the parents. te'hehehe I spotted one guy that was definitely gay ;-) She didn't agree with me until he gave us our drinks. =P Scared everyone on the way home though, heh. Dunno why since I was an okay driver. oh well, as life goes. They did ruin the mood on the way home by not laughing at any of my poor excuses for humor.

And now, to pack my bags and watch Collateral Damage at the same time. oooo... I need to wash my cloths before I can do that. lol

If I don't post again by nine tomorrow I won't be posting again until at least five Wednesday. yep, that long of a bus ride. thirty-one hours.

C'ya laterz.
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