February 5th, 2003

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Bored out of my mind so I'm trying to write somethingo n the bus. I'll probably scribe this into the lj later. Now to try writing about something... but what? Ah, I know.

Once I got the station I had to wait an hour longer then UI was supposed to however that wasn't too bad since I got to watch this cute guy as he worked on the station. (they were finally remodeling) Anyway, I'm fairly sure he had a nice pack of muscles, heh ^_^ Why? Because he had to raise his arms often to put plating in the ceiling and often his jacet & shirt would lift =D

Now on the bus. Once the bus had gotten here the people unloaded for a break. There was quite a variety of different people on including a few chinese teens and one white teen. They were okay but, as I figured by his twisted cap, he didn't seem worth looking at. That was only confirmed as he immediately went outside and lit up. Blah!

It seems we are heading in serveral different directions before hitting San Antonio. As you may know I am heading to Phoenix but I have three or four stops before getting there. From Baton Rouge to San Antonio. From there I head to Ft. Stockton and El Paso. After which I finally arrive in Phoenix Arizona. *sigh* oh well, I'm sure it'll be well worth it.

I found out the other night I'm disappointing someone by leaving. It's too bad I couldn't do anyting about it. -_-

I also forgot to mail the letter off before leaving. Not to mention my computer and other boxes won't be arriving for at least 7 to 10 days. Oh well.


[Lafayette Bus Stop]
GAH! Tokens to use the bathroom?! No thank you. We should be leaving soon anyway and it's not like I really have to go.

And we're off.

Just tried to write a story of some sort but it seems my imagination has left. Hasn't been around for awhile. Well, besides the not so occasional fantasy of cuddling on the couch watching a movie or reading a book with the latest eye candy. *sighs dreamily* Somebday one of those eye candies won't be for just the eyes. Some day...

On another note I finally took the turns in Shadowmere to learn Confusion Barrier. I'm hoping I can put it to some use not only for myself but also Nadja and maybe some of her alliance members. However if they attack me again I'll declare war and annihalate them all.

Hmm... has anyone ever noticed the rainbow colored seats in a greyhound bus? odd... heh. My sister says I'm too horny as of late and I think I could agree with her ^_^ I'm going to end up having sex with just anyone at this rate rather then at least someone special. oh well, we'll see.

Signing off for now. I think I'll read or catch some Z's.

*dozes on and off for a while*
'10 minute break' okay so I get a ten minute break at a texico gay station. This isn't bad at all. oh, hello you hunk of... right, he isn't even on the bus with us. I got a hersheys w/almond bar and a six pack of oreos. Also, my pencil might be out of lead right... we'll see.

Ahh, good, more lead left. I'm in houston now for half an hour. Called home to let them know I'm fine. Wow, there are a lot of metro buses in this city! mmm.... went ahead and got a water bottle. Now to keep myself from drinking more tan a sip an hour or so.

We've left the houston station for quite a ways now. I finally read the letter my dad left for me this morning and it wasn't as much of a load of bull as I thought. The end. PS was stupid though since he knows I wouldn't rescue some lady from a dragon ^_^ I'd definatelly go for the guy in distress, heh.

Now the bus only has four people, not including my self, on it out of 47. I guess this can be figured since it is fairly dark now and I doubt many people go on a bus at night. heh, all the more room for me.

119 miles til San Antonio. In other words 2 to 3 hours. I wonder what time it is... Also it seems I'm mistaken. There are actually 6 people on the bus. 3 in front of me and two behind. I've been snacking quite often on the Beef Jerky and finished up the Hershey's w/almonds bar. We stopped at a rest area a few minutes ago and just about everyone got off to smoke. Only this other guy and myself didn't get off but I think that was mostly because h4 was sleeping =p heh

Am I boring you yet? :-)

If I had a scissors I would cross stitch but seems I don't. oh well... Tehre is still reading, writing, and eating.

It's about 11 pm now and I'm finally in San Antionio. We took on enough passangers to fill us up almostall the way to compacity. I even have someoneone sitting beside me and I wouldn't doubt it if he's reading this ^_^ anyway... hehe

The new driver isn't bad either (his name is Ray and he knows spanish, haha) *listens to driver repeat in spanish* -_- Well, going to turn off the light and eat a bit more jerky, then perhaps go to sleep. still have about 16 hours to go!

Well, 16 or 17 hours on this bus is finally setting in. I have the biggest cramped body around. Not only that but my teeth are killing me for sleeping against the side of the bus and getting them vibrated to pieces.

And that is where I ran out of lead ^_^ enjoy. I'll write more about here later.
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