February 12th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

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Uhm... I must say it isn't quite what I expected here. For one, Tyler is very inconsiderate. Instead of trying to figure out what ails the kid he tells her to shut up -_-

So, my brother is going to be in Orlando soon so I'm going to fly out there and then travel with him for a while. Not sure where I'll make resident especially since I don't have anything planned.

I'm missing my computer now ^_^ I can't remember all the links I had and I'm sure I'm missing some comics and other things. Oh well

Lately I've been playing Animal Crossing on Tyler's GameCube and Kohan on his computer. heh

Well, I'm starving so I'll write more later. I got it in my mind to make a complete biography of myself. Well, not exactly what I mean but I can't describe what I'm talking about without actually writing it.

Chow peeps.
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