February 20th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

One more day left

Well, only one more day ^_^ Yes, I'm suddenly feeling better. The things that concerned me earlier are still there but I'm not so strung out over them right now. Not only that but my brother would kill me if I was depressed when I got to Orlando, haha.

*yawns* still sleepy... Once Heather got home last night I don't remember much. Thankfully she got home an hour earlier then expected. (She left for work early so she got home early, duh)

I meant to go out yesterday. Just walking to a local store and what not. I got dressed, did my hair, put on socks, the whole works, but never went out. Oh well. Since I'm not going to be here too long tomorrow I have to make sure I talk to Tyler and go to the store today. He rented two movies and a video game. (Legend of Zelda for GameCube) I guess this means I'll be playing it for the next 24 hours ^_^ Got something like 63 Shine Sprites in Mario Sunshine and still no end in sight so I doubt I'll be playing it much for a while. I'll copy it onto the MemCard I'm going to get but won't be able to play it unless I rent it back home.
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