March 9th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Snatched away, again.

Yes, I'm disappointed. Why? This is like the fourth person I've met, talked to, taken in interest in, and then in the next day or two they aren't single anymore. They've met someone they've been talking to for a while and were just taken.


No, I won't say it. I Will Not say that about life again.

There really isn't reason to stay up much more tonight. I'll be going to bed in half an hour to an hour.

To all you happy couples, enjoy. To anyone single reading this, do whatever you want.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

I'll say it...

Fine, I'll say it. Life sucks.

I can't seem to get my point across to anyone, family or friends. Everyone seems to have an idea of how things work and any deviation from that means something is wrong with the other person and not with how they think things should work.

Don't tell me I shouldn't feel disappointed after being turned down. Don't tell me I should just get over it. Don't tell me I'm the only one who feels things. Just don't. I know far better then most people however after getting their ungrateful little noses rubbed in a little reality they smash mine and retreat back in their shell.

What ever happened to just having a nice little conversation? No one seems to want to just talk. Everyone I know what something or are too busy. Must life rush everyone around they forget who to hold close and who to hold dear?

I need to get out again. I wonder who I'll see this time. Perhaps I'll start going to the library more often. My sister says he's ugly but I don't care just so long as he is nice.

*on the brink of tears* no... there isn't a reason to be a tear facet as well as a emotional wreck... :-(

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