July 6th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted


Oddly enough and for seemingly no reason at all (there is a reason though) I feel like beating myself up. I feel so... spent.

I know they say don't whine and all that other good stuff but I want to Collapse )

And now for some deep thought words from Magic's Promise by Mercedes Lackey:

Foreword: Shavri is the "King's Own" herald and someone Vanyel had a child with because Randi, the King, couldn't. Jisa is their offspring however she is raised as Shavri and Randi's daughter, not Shavri and Vanyel's.

'Lendel [Tylendel] was Vanyel's first and only love. Lifebonded, which means they had a commitment so deep nothing could change it except the death of one of them.

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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

I dreamed last night/this morning...

I liked what I dreamed too. *sighs* I dreamed I could see Travis all the time. My family had something to do in another city so instead of traveling a long ways every day, they rented a room in the same hotel he stayed in. It was this tall tower hotel. I surprised him in his room the morning we arrived... after that we went to a carnival and rode a roller coaster. He held me during the ride and it felt so good. We ended up back at the hotel and went to sleep contently in eachother's arms. (No, I didn't leave anything out) This was the part I woke up, with the sudden, saddening, rush of feeling that it was a dream with all the lonelyness coming back.

*sigh* I want him... yes, I really do.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Conversations over Cake Cutting

My mom started cutting the cake until she realized I was supposed to cut it... Then my oldest sister said "Don't worry Russell, when you get married your wife will get to cut the cake." so then I thought about that for a moment or two, not long, and replied, "I'll let my Husband cut my cake any time" to which Joseph, her oldest child, exclaimed, "What?"

Oh yes, I'm gonna love desensitizing those three kids now. If she can't remain indifferent about it and make them think I'm hetro then they will know I'm Homo.
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