September 29th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Weather Forecast: Socialization at an all time high while brain activity froze

Alrighty then, a quick note and then I'm off to bed.

Today was alright. Was extremely exaughsted when I got up this morning at 7am (CST) however by about 10am before we left for classes I was doing alright. Had some fun socializing with Luke and discovered a guy named Casey at the college. (They're both in my Psychology class too)

Despite getting some energy in the morning and working pretty much on empty I've been brain frozen most of the day. Couldn't seem to refine my English composition so I turned in some sort of half-cooked paper tonight. After which I gave Jo a ride home during which I learned he's had three surgeries to get brain tumor(s) removed and other things. :-\ That boy has had a rough life. Or at least one that isn't "normal."

*yawns* Nothing really due until Thursday, when I have to get my informative speech or get an F.

Night night folks. I'm going to get a little more sleep tonight than usual. Hopefully I won't wake up at 5am again -_-'
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