October 14th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

History test, and stuff

Had the second U.S. History I test tonight. I did much better on the essay part then I thought I would. Probably not a 100% but not as bad as I think I did on the multiple choice questions around 50 or 70%. Overall I think I made a nice little 80 or 90% but definately not an A. I think...

Nicholas update (seeing as it is that night of the week I have him in class): I'm starting to distance myself from him and just enjoy watching him as he lives his life. It's a little saddening but it also feels better.

As for Luke, it's fun messing with the poor boy's brain. *chuckles* Maybe I'll get on his lap yet :-P haha

That's all for now. I'll have more later. Time to do some more work on the Xenocide unit stats.
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