October 15th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Thanks for reminding me, Luke

Wrote this interesting tidbit during math class tonight: Can you believe I have more male friends then female friends I hang out with at college? haha, the irony.

Today's math class seemed a lot easier than it has been before. I actually understood most of it for once. Or maybe that's just my change in thought process. Something hit me the other day and since then things have been easier and more flowing.

As for Luke, I didn't kill him (yet), for not messaging me last night anyway. We're actually talking right now and he was the one that reminded me I wanted to write this entry before going to bed. Which brings me to wonder if the boy is Bi, or at least Bi-curious. *lets him read this just to ask* :-P

I was sure there were other things I wanted to jot down but they're ignoring my brain right now so they'll just have to wait until later. Chow.

[Side Note: Darn boys and their girlfriends]
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