October 17th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Time to update again, huh?

*start depressing stuff*

Normally I have some good times during the week at school and get depressed during the weekend. This weekend I tried to find something to do but that didn't work out well. Talked to Jason but he's going to a wedding tomorrow and no offers to hang out at any time this weekend. So then I talked to Luke and he suggested the St. Amant football game tonight. I would be hanging out with him, his girlfriend, and two other couples so I'd be a 7th wheel. I could've get a ride there but I wouldn't have a ride back. Luke wasn't up to giving me a ride home after, being it was out of his way and all. *shrugs* So... I'm back where I started but even more depressed then usually on the weekend.

Then there's Robert. No, not my dad. The Robert who lives approximately 1,000 miles away and is infatuated with me. I think it's kinda cute but at the same time sad cause there's no way to meet him any time soon.

Other than that it looks like this weekend has nothing instore for me but what it does every other weekend: Nothing.

*end depressing stuff*

The good news is Luke and his girlfriend, Kimberly, are looking at prospects of boyfriends for me. It's so very nice of them. I just hope they know someone that fits my fairly broad preferences. We'll see.
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