October 26th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Today was Da Bomb!

Today was Da Bomb! (in the least when compared to my other Sundays, but much more than that) I hung out with Jason and his girlfriend Caral for the most part of today. They're so sweet together :-)

After he picked me up at a little past ten we went to his apartment where we made sweet sweet love. ;-) Just Kidding! Nah, he showed me around the place then introduced me to a game called Alpha Centauri. At approximately eleven-thirty we left for the heratige festival where his girlfriend was putting on a few Brazilian dance numbers on stage. There was also quite the variety of cultures there, from Poland to Celtic. Very interesting, even though it may have looked like I wasn't paying any attention. (sorry) Afterwords we went back to their apartment, chilled, did stuff, and then he brought me home about seven-thirty. All in all, it was a great day and I would do it again any time.

That's pretty much where it all leaves off.

P.S. Jason could quite easily be considered the "perfect catch"... if he wasn't already caught and he was tempted by the right bait.