November 4th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

It finally happened

I finally asked. I actually ASKED him. "Would you mind if I ask you a personal question?" ... "Are you gay?" to which he shakes his head, rather deliberately. Oh well, I know the answer finally. Even if it may not be true I know what he told me so there's nothing I can do or say to change that. It's time I move on to someone else.

*crosses fingers and hopes Jo, Luke, Lacie, Jason, or one of them can find someone suitable*

In other news, I have a math test tomorrow night. I've failed my first two tests but one of them can be dropped, so if I can get at least a 90 I have a chance of bringing my grade up and passing with a C or B. Otherwise I have no choice but to drop and take it again next semester.

For the last news of the evening, I talked to my psychology teacher and she's helping me figure out myself. Seeing if I have ADHD w/out Hyperactivity, Depression, Anxiety, etc. I did the research she suggested earlier and I'll be taking it to her tomorrow morning, along with a copy of my English Composition 1: Recalling An Event which talks about my life. Hopefully this will lead somewhere and help me. It would be like a dream come true if I could be as bold as I was tonight, but that took some very unusual circumstances.
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