November 6th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Am I stupid or what?

You may want to answer that...

There was a note on the RPCC bulletin board asking for a web designer so I called to find out about it. They got my contact information and would get back in touch with me, which they did last night via e-mail. Now, am I stupid or what for taking on more load? I'm not sure what price I'll charge. Since this will be for a e-business and they don't have a lot to start with I may charge a small flat fee (per month?) and a percentage of the net profit, for now. In the mean time I'm researching the difference of using, say, and working from scratch. I really shouldn't, seeing my track record on PDI, however I am. The only thing I'm lacking information in is a payment acceptance method which I've asked and am waiting for a reply from Fuitadnet to see what they use.

In other news:
Good News: I made one of the higher grades on the math test last night.
Bad News: I made a 73.
I'm going to talk to the teacher to see if there is anything I can do (extra credit work?) to make up my grade. If not... :-\ one less night I'm busy. But I didn't want to drop any of my classes!

Then today I'll also have major work to do on writing my persuasive speech and memorizing it by tonight.

I'll also be skipping my Theatre class to attend the Dream Interpretation Workshop put on by my Psychology teacher. This should be pretty cool since I have a dream I'd like interpreted.

Eep. Time flies and I gotta get to work. Chow

[Add Edit] I have to read the book "Twelve years a slave" and write a report on the lives of slaves based on it by Tuesday. Eek.
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