December 9th, 2003

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

My world feels weird

My world is weird. At least, it feels that way. I often go through the day with two or more worlds going on in my brain. The real one, and my imagination's ones. It's like my imagination will be running through any number of scenarios until I go "Hello!? Wake up and smell the reality." For instance, on the way home from the college I was imagining if it would be like to just go up to a guy and kiss him. I could see it plain as day, and at the same time see where the vehicle was going. I had to give myself a mental shake to stop seeing both images at the same time.

As for class, I missed it. I don't remember ever being told the Physical Science final was at 10:30 instead of the normal class time of 11. I totally screwed that one up. He's going to let me take the essay make-up test Wednesday or Thursday in the LRC (Learning Resource Center). I'll take it Thursday cause I have to review all the math lessons Wednesday for that final. I have an 82 in the class so I don't really have to take it and I'll make a B. (His scores add instead of average) Although if I do I could get an A in the class.

I'm not feeling much better then yesterday. My throat feels fairly constricted with a constant itch at the back of it and my neck is kinda stiff.

Well, I need to work on my Robert E. Lee research paper and The Killer Angels book report, both for U.S. History I. I think I'll play a little game before that though. Later.
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