March 24th, 2004

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Today I've been thinking about my keyboard and remembered something I read about a alternative layout. So, not remembering what it was I did a little research. The alternative layout is called Dvorak and it's supposed to allow you to type a lot faster, more effectively, and more efficiently. (See here for more details)

The thing is if I try to learn the Dvorak method I'll be out of commision for some time, especially when it comes to programming and such. Now this might be a relatively decent trade off in the long run but it would also have some disadvantages in the long run. As you may very well know the QWERTY keyboard is by far the most widely used layout. This means that when I use other computers they will most-likely use the QWERTY layout (specifically the computers at my school).

Poll #267970 Dvorak or QWERTY?

Should I change my keyboard layout from it's current QWERTY layout to the Dvorak layout?

What are you talking about?
Stay with QWERTY
Learn Dvorak

If I do, should I try to be able to use both of them or abandon QWERTY?

Know them both
Abandon QWERTY
Not applicable