April 27th, 2004

Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

A few more toes stepped on...

I am a little spooked by the fact it no longer lists me as an Administrator Moderator in the Xenocide3001 forums. That and the entire "Spin-off/Merge" topic I had is gone. Or that I can no longer see the Game Administrator forum. And he asked me to change the game name from Xenocide1000. (which I just did yesterday, by the way)

.... Seems I've offended Kalak. dang it.
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Tombo - Disappointed

Another of those weird dreams

That was an odd little dream. I don't have a whole lot of time so I'll sum it up as this:

Some puddy was discovered that when it absorbed some writing or drawing it would take over someone and give them that personality for a little while. It only lasted for about an hour though and afterwords the person didn't remember anything of what happened and the puddy returned to its last shape before absorbing the writing.

There were a few twists to the story seeing as it happened in a boarding school type enviroment but that there is the unusual part.
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