May 4th, 2004

Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

Agenda items

  • Passed up 666 entries 17 entries ago. darn it.
  • They're working on the water lines down the street so the water is dirty and very slow flowing. Now I can't take a shower or flush the toilet. ugh.
  • I still have to write five journal entries for acting class, and have them all done by half past noon. dang it.
  • I still haven't read "Player Piano" and I need to do a report on it by next Tuesday. blah.
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Tombo - Happy

The old automoble days and a semester ending

heh, talk about the old times.

My dad took the mini-van so I had to use the truck for class tonight. Just so you know, the mini-van is an automatic while the truck is standard. When I first started using the truck again I shifted automatically, without thinking about it. That quickly changed once I got on the highway and tried to 'automatically' shift into 6th gear. Oh yes, I know there isn't a 6th gear, but apparently my subconsious got so caught up in the joy of shifting gears that it didn't remember that. Thankfully the truck jarred me from that notion by refusing to be put into "6th" gear, actually known as REVERSE! hahaha

Two finals this Thursday and a book report and final next Tuesday evening. It hasn't been bad, but it's about time. This semester was feeling very drawn out and started to get tiring.

Umm, my brain doesn't want to focus on writing this so I'll just go now. Ta'ta for now.
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