June 13th, 2004

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Blockbuster 0wns me

Blockbuster has this thing called Game Pass which allows you to rent as many games as you want in a month with no due date for only $20. Sounds like a good deal, especially if you get four or more games in a single month since each game is over $5. With that plan I'd be able to rent games and not worry about wasting money if they suck.

I'm there and renting Star Fox Adventures when I decide to go ahead with the Game Pass thing. One little problem: You have to have a credit card as they continue charging you after the first month unless you cancel it and I don't have a credit card. Work around? Get the 'deluxe' package (I'm calling it that but I can't think of what it is really called) by paying for three months at a time for only $50....

Yep, I spent $50 at blockbuster today. You better believe I'll be going there often for games.

I've only been playing Star Fox Adventures for 3:36 and I'm already 20% done with the game. (Hey, I'm still familiar with some of the things I need to do) Well, back to the game. Wheee