June 14th, 2004

Tombo - Disappointed

GC Gamin'

It only took me approximately 18 hours to beat Star Fox Adventures, and that doesn't include time I wasn't playing. heheheh I have to say the hardest thing in that game is the Test of Fear. I had to do that thing like three dozen times before I FINALLY got it. It wasn't that I kept getting distracted by the pictures going on but that I would get it calmly sitting right in the center of the bar and suddenly it jumps so fast it's out of the green before I could stop it. Everything else was extremely easy although very repeatative.


oh, *growl* I found out that you can only use the GamePass thingie at the blockbuster you buy it at, and only on the account you purchase it under. If I got my own account at Blockbuster or moved to Tennessee I wouldn't be able to use the GamePass thing. Sucks. I want to speak to their manager. *growls again*

Oh, returned Star Fox Adventures and got Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.

dante_sensei, the one I was talking to you about wasn't there.
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GC Recommendation?

Hey, does anyone have any recommendations for GameCube games to play? I think I could play and beat just about every game at Blockbuster over the next three months.