July 1st, 2004

Tombo - Disappointed

He has his own church now, the church_of_kyle

Zimzat: What is with people making self-fulfilling prophecies.
Kyle: What do you mean?
Zimzat: Well, for example, I say who I am to my parents and they say no you're not, you're much worse. I resist that, but  get no acceptance where I am so I go to further extremes to get the acceptance I want yet at the same time fulfill the prophecy they made that I would be worse.
Kyle: It's the parental thing.
Kyle: They doom you one way or another.

Kyle: Hmm.
Kyle: Your eighteenth birthday at a bowling alley.
Kyle: Yeah.  I think I've said enough.

Kyle: haha aww
Kyle: you lifted my away message!
Kyle: now i feel idolized <33
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott &amp; Ted

Much delay, and more delay elsewhere too.

For some reason PayPal and LiveJournal isn't letting me send in a payment via my bank account. I've called PayPal and we deduced that LiveJournal doesn't accept eChecks, so  I've submitted a request to LiveJournal to find out why and if there is any way around it.

I'll be breaking down my computer eventually, but for now we've hit a couple of snags to getting on the road, so we're leaving later than expected or hoped.

I returned the movie I rented the other day and exchange Zelda: Wind Waker for Mario Kart: Double Dash, as my sister requested a racing game. I didn't beat Zelda but I did have almost all of the Triforce charts. I'll just get it again later and finish it up then.
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