July 10th, 2004

Guys Cuddling on Couch

Missed appointments and moving apartments

Mmm, I need more press coverage. Eh, wait, what was that? I'm not even sure.

ANYWAY! <before you people think I'm even more insane> I was supposed to Collapse )

In other and more important news, I'll be moving into my own apartment July 30th when I go back to Louisiana. Well, it won't exactly be my own cause I'll have two room mates, but the fact that I'll have my own apartment will be so nice :-) All I have to do is find $100 for the security deposit (check, parent's birthday money to me) and $20 for the application fee (check, sister owes me). I won't have to pay rent until the end of August because I'm moving in so late in July. So, first order of business when I move is to get a job, and put out "We Buy Homes" signs. That is if I can ever read that book. My brother and sister keep taking it so I haven't read it myself yet.

heh, tearysky is a wacko. ;-)

Err, Noooo!! ACK! ... Can't... breath...  x-x (joking)
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott &amp; Ted

After much annoyance

OMGosh!!! I finally got it to work! I modified some more of LiveJournal's S2 layer code and it knew how to be annoying, or I just upset it.

The way it worked before I modified it (or at least some of it) was it would immediately print out whatever it was working with. Now personally I'm not too happy about this because I prefer to calculate it all (or at least entire sections) before sending it out all at once. In order to do that I had to tell the called functions they would be returning strings, but the builtin functions didn't want to change that. I had to create complete alternative functions in order to get it to work.

After I finally got all that working again I told my entries function to use lj-like tags when it printed out community and user names on the friends page. You can look at my friends page to see for yourself.
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