January 6th, 2005

Composed Me

Lunny Bin! (Linux)

Knoppix finished at some point in the night, so I turned off the computer when I got up around 2am this morning. (No, I didn't stay up, but that is when I found out about the LiveJournal announcement) I'm currently running from Knoppix on iceraver's laptop, and it's running pretty smoothly for only running off of memory and CD.

I've read over the announcement and changes to come and, from what I can see, none of it is really bad. Collapse )

I'm going to get off for a while and snuggle for a while. I could use the peace to calm my mental state before it goes down again.
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Composed Me

A message to iceraver

I'm back at my brother's place now. iceraver was starting to feel sick and needed some time alone to think about some things. I want to let him know that no matter what he decides I won't hold it against him or be mad at him for it. (I don't know that what he has to think about is that drastic, but either way that's still how I feel.) I know I haven't been the greatest guest to have around and I can be trying at times; many times.

*hug* Feel better, ya hear?
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Tombo - Happy

It's the thing I love to do... (well, besides that)

Ya know, it makes me kind of happy to get back to programming, specifically for Imperial Kingdoms. You might ask "Why" but I can quite easily tell you because it's just my thing. It's the thing I know how to and can do. It gives me pleasure to work with code I know will give other people enjoyment. It can be frustrating at times, especially when I might work for hours only to find out I have to go through it all again to change a few minor things throughout the entire thing or that I could've done it so much simplier, but I still love it.

Edit: You know what would make me even happier about it? Being able to share it with someone, especially if I could share it while I was working with it. No, this isn't a hint to anyone. It's simply a statement of fact; I would enjoy sharing my experience. I must get back to going through the code now. Ta'ta.
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