January 24th, 2005

Tombo - Disappointed

I come bearing bad news

While at Hastings today I asked Anthony how long they would be in the application process, and, to sum it up, they're only hiring manager-types now. This leads me to believe two things: First off, they've already filled their quota of non-managers (They did have banner out front saying "Now Hiring" which leads me to believe they had a non-manager position open at one point) and I was not high enough on their list to get choosen. Secondly, I've been screwing myself over these last couple of weeks hoping for that job. I'm still the world's biggest idiot for believing I'd get a job.

The bad news to compound on top of that is the stipulation for me to stay at my brother's house is that I have to get a job. This leaves me exactly where I was long before I came up here. Without a job, and no prospects. It would be nice if jobs spent the extra minute to let you know "Sorry, you're not qualified for any positions we have right now." Of course only "professional" jobs (as Le said) do something like that, and Dyersburg doesn't have any remotely like that.

I did apply at the theater when I applied at Hastings, but they haven't gotten back to me either. Collapse )
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