January 28th, 2005

Tombo - Happy

Conversation with Stephen at 2005-01-28 18:07:00 on Zimzat (aim)

This was just too funny. Here's a hint: It's me being insane. ;)

(18:07:00) Zimzat: *blink blink* Die?
(18:07:29) Stephen: what?
(18:08:03) Zimzat: What? It's not like I was asking you to die.
(18:08:43) Zimzat: heh
(18:08:51) Zimzat: Dice aren't lethal, usually.
(18:09:31) Stephen: usually lol
(18:10:10) Zimzat: *tap ... poke ... jab*
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Tombo - Happy

Journal Entries, by Mind-Play

*giggles* This conversation / journal entry just played itself in my head. It was too funny / cute not to share.

[Edit: This is not a real entry, nor is it true. Everyone seems to be confusing this for an actual entry, when it was just me remembering something Le said and trying to be funny.]

Le and I haven't spent a night apart in weeks. Tonight we won't be seeing each other.

*sniffle* Be strong, Le. Be strong.
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