February 10th, 2005

Composed Me

eBay Template

(Best viewed in a standards-compliant browser, such as Firefox or Mozilla, as IE screws up the logo div until I replace the entire top with an image) This is the eBay template I made for my brother and I to use while selling items. Curiously, what do ya'll think of it? Any refinements that I should make or other suggestions will be appreciated.

Also note, all of the text, except the name, Dynamite Bargains, was taken from an existing template, and is only used as a placeholder of where the actual item and policy information will be.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Is anyone here?

Where is everyone tonight? I know where iceraver is physically, obviously, but everyone just seems distracted, distant, like they're off in another universe. No, this isn't a "I WANT ATTENTION!" rant, but I would like someone to talk to. (And a little feedback on the subject of my last post)

Oh well, I think I'll wander around the house a bit and then play a game. I'm considering one on the PS2, possibly re-do suikoden IV, but I'm favoring one on the computer at the moment (although I have no idea what). Eh, *shrug*

I'm sorely tempted to go cruising through Le's computer (laptop in this case), but that's a big no-no. I'm just curious like that. Curiousity will be the death of this cat. ^^;; (I better not choose computer game then)
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