February 21st, 2005

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Some things I'd like to look into getting some day

Should I ever get money again, these are some of the things I want to look into:

Haircut (~$10)
I could use one of these, as my hair is getting long. My body temperature skyrockets and I sweat more. Plus, it's hard to manage and I don't really like it.

Optical Retractable USB Mouse ($15)
When I use Le's laptop for an extended period of time the touchpad makes my fingers go wonky.

256MB USB 2.0 Flash Drive ($20), 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive ($75), 512MB USB 2.0 Flash Drive w/MP3 Player ($85), or 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive w/MP3 Player ($120)
Oh how I'm tempted by the last one.

I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure there are a few other items I'd like. Of course there's the obligatory new computer, but that can wait since I'll also need to get time to be on it, money to get games while I'm on it, and some other stuff like that. In other words, too much stuff.

(There'll be another post right after this one, and then I shower)
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Happy, Happy - Get Real (Steve)

Two more calls for interviews without being recommended

Friday, after the interview at Wal-Mart, Paul Moore called my brother's house. Paul is the manager of 3rd shift, in other words night jobs. If I were to get a job with 3rd shift I could still be cashier, although that's not the only thing I could be. 3rd shift works 10pm to 7am, so it would be a full time position (as compared to the bike assembler, only part time). On the other hand, it would mean less time with Le.

Today, right before Le had to go to work, Sue Moore called my brother's house. Sue is the manager of the garden center. (Yes, *blink blink* is appropriate.) I would probably be working day shifts, also possibly a cashier, although, again, not guaranteed that position. I'm not sure if this would be part time or full time, yet.

I still like the idea of working at night over the other two. At the same time, these last two seem more likely, to me, because they contacted me without being told about my application. I'll admit that Anne might have seen my application in due time, but she was still pointed to it and, thus, might be a little biased one way or the other. (My sister commented on how often is it that being recommended works against you, eh? heh)

I was supposed to hear back from Anne by today, at the latest, but haven't, so I'm ready to assume that position won't be going to me. Thus, hope for one of the other two. ^^

I like being called for interviews rather than having to repeatidly check back only to find the position(s) have been filled.

With that positive note, I'm off to the shower now.
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