February 26th, 2005

Composed Me

Life's questions

I'd like to know what everyone who reads this thinks. Maybe even spread a link to this entry so your friends can answer as well.

If there's anything I expect in life, it's answers and knowledge. Expectations will always be my downfall.

What does love mean to you?
Is it purely a physical or psychological attraction, something inbetween, or something else altogether? Does love really exist, or is it something we make up to comfort ourselves?

What are secrets?
Is it an illusion, or the belief in power that we know something someone else doesn't? Are there really any secrets, or is it something we cling to? Should some things be kept secret, or should everything be knowable? If some things should be kept secert, what? Should secrets be kept from boyfriends, lovers, and/or partners (husbands/wives)?

This question needs rephrased, and rethought. It's not asking the question I wanted to ask, or going where I wanted it to go.
Are all things relative, subjective, or a mix of the two?
If they're subjective, does anything really have meaning, or only the meaning we give to them? If we give meaning to something, can we also take meaning away or do we just add a null meaning as well?
If they're relative, where did it all start, with the connection of several points to eachother or just a single point? If one point had meaning because of another, does it still have meaning if it is taken away, or is it only in our mind that it still has meaning?

There was more, but I got lost in thought and forgot them. Maybe in another post.
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