April 1st, 2005

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Drive corruption, among other things

It seems my sister is coming down with whatever I seemed to have had. She's feeling like I felt when it started; chilled physically but otherwise perfectly fine.

I've been doing some backups of my secondary drive to dvd lately. It looks like it needs reformated because Windows 98 is linking some of the files incorrectly (some of my videos on it play music files) and there are tons of garbage files in some folders. Linux doesn't show any of the garbage and plays all of the files without a problem, but then Linux is very good at error correction.

Most of the files already have a backup, but anything added within the last few months isn't. I could easily do without the majority of anything new, however I wouldn't know what I would prefer to have backed up without going through everything yet again. What I think I'll do is make a precursory browse through the files and copy anything I want onto my linux partition.

Lastly, I'd like to get a hold of some of my brother's music CDs and get a copy of them in the Ogg Vorbis format. I've been wanting to move to the OGG format for some time now, but finding a MP3 to OGG converter hasn't been a high priority since that would be converting one lossy format to another. I think I'll do some more about that in a little while.
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Something bad comes this way

With today being April 1st, I don't know how many things on the internet I can believe.

I think this means I should put it away for the day and try again tomorrow. Heck knows most of the stuff on Slashdot today is likely a joke anyway. (One day of the year and the internet voluntarily goes defunctional. The end of the world)
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