April 4th, 2005

Linux, MySQL, LAMP, PHP, Apache

Anti-lag patrol

Well that bit of lag has been fixed. For some reason my linux network setup was seeing the router / DSL modem as my DNS server which was causing it to lag when first trying to connect. I checked the DSL information page and copied the DNS servers from it directly to my computer and now no more lag.

*makes a note to check this on Le's laptop which is having this problem as well*
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Tombo - Disappointed

About to boot Dream Street

Ok, I'm about this | | close to deleting Dream Street from my computer. They're just a little too girlish / kiddish sounding for the words for my taste.
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South Park Self, Disappointed

Mulan Icons

I paused Mulan on a scene Le liked and said he wanted to make an icon of it eventually. Thing is, eventually with him means "maybe in a few months." So, I made a couple of icons.

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