April 11th, 2005

Guys Cuddling on Couch

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You're all being graced tortured with my presence because I don't have anything better to do, and my neck hurts when I move it in certain directions. I could use a massage or something, but it wouldn't feel right from my sister and no one else has made themselves available. I'm not intending to be mean, just jabbing. *jab jab jab* *crowd yelps* Stop That! *grumble* Fine. I won't jab again.

I'm hungry, and I don't know what to eat. There isn't enough variety around here (anymore) to keep me interested.

I could clean out the fridge. There's some peanut butter cookies that have been in there like a month now, as well as a coconut pudding pie (or something) that probably needs thrown out. Of course, I don't know if Kristy or Le would want them still or thrown out, so I better leave that kind of cleaning alone. I already threw out the bag of very obviously spoiled green pepper slices that have been in the fridge for like a month now as well.

I might as well wander the house, or something. I'm hungry, and I'm not getting anything else done so I might as well try to sedate that.
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Lawn going un-mowed

It looks like I won't be getting the lawn mowed today. I was trying to get the lawn mower to start but it wouldn't. After I got my sister to come look at it with me we determined that it was out of oil and, since we didn't have any on hand, we would have to go get some. As we were getting in the car to leave it started drizzling. By the time we got back the grass was well watered. It'll just have to wait until the next chance I get.

I need to get some Imperial Kingdoms programming done. I also noticed the domain for it will be expiring a month from tomorrow, and my Zimzat.com hosting bill is due in a few days. I should have enough time to get the lawn mowed and money in the bank to pay it before it's late, provided the weather permits me to mow within the next couple of days.

Something may be wrong with my Zimzat.com mail. I haven't received some mail I know I should've gotten, so I guess I need to check in with my host to see if something is going on.
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