May 3rd, 2005

Working on the computer, Working

A second screen would be nice

Ya know, I'm tempted to see if I could get a second video card into this machine and a cheap monitor hooked up to it. As it is, my screen real estate is often very busy.

A thousand words to see what I mean.
(Before anyone comments on the job page it shows up, it wouldn't work. They require knowledge of and experience in Perl, and that's not my cup of tea.)

I'm also detesting the greeting / question "What's up?" because at any moment there can easily be half a dozen things going on, and to sum them all up and describe what's really going on could take a few minutes each time I'm asked that, which makes it rather annoying and an interruption I could do without.
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Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

This is my bad mood, not yours. Now leave it alone.

People seem awfully annoyed at me that I'm annoyed at them. If you can't deal with my attitude then don't take an attitude with me.

Telling me I'm wrong for expecting a certain level of common sense out of my friends sounds like you expect a certain level of stupidity out of yours.

A lot of people label me as "mad" when I'm like this. No, I'm not mad. I'm aggravated, even annoyed, but not mad. If one more thing annoys me I'm likely to be mad

Why is it that when I say "I don't want to talk about it right now" some people insist on talking about it right then and not take the hint to leave it alone for while so I can process things in a better mood. I feel like they're not respecting my personal bubble. They want their privacy and personal bubble left alone when they're not in a good mood, but they insist on punching into mine when I'm not feeling good.

Ya know what, I can do without all this 'drama'.
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