May 7th, 2005

Happy, Happy - Get Real (Steve)

Morning adventure around town

Earlier this morning I packed up and shipped off my brother's laptop to be repaired. I had to tape it closed three times. The first was because I forgot the event id and the second was because I forgot the shipping address. Idiotic of me, I know.

I had no idea where the post office was. I looked it up on Google's map service and tried to get away with not printing out directions by remembering the road names. Needless to say I failed horribly, made a u-turn, a small circle, a larger circle, another u-turn, almost went the wrong way on a one-way street, and finally a smaller circle where I ended up at the post office.

From the post office I found my way back to the main streets and went to wal-mart. I tried to find Le but he wasn't in the McDonalds or anywhere else I could see so I just got a gallon of milk and three things of juice. I got Le a small surprise should he come over when he gets off work, or at all. I had to use my bank card because I only had $9 left after paying for the laptop shipping and insurance and the total was a little over $10.

My bank account is down to about $5 now, but I do have $20 in cash to hold me over.
Le should be proud of me. I paid for my things with my own money. >.>
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