June 10th, 2005

Self Portrait

Falling Asleep at the Maple

I'm sitting here at the computer, barely awake, playing Maple Story. I mean, I'm awake but I feel like I'm going to fall asleep at any moment. I'm very tempted to go back to sleep but my mom is going to call in an hour or two to make sure their computer is set up properly to play DVDs. Around 11, 11:30 Josh, the Orkin guy, is coming by to take care of the ant problem again. I sooo want to flirt with him that it's not funny anymore (maybe that's just because I'm so tired right now and am concerned any attempt at flirting will result in me flat on my face, figuratively). xD
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    Maple Story
Tombo - Disappointed

Coming and going, as predicted

Josh came, we talked, he lives in Jackson, and he left. Maybe in another, oh, six months, I'll find out if he's gay or even single.

-.-' I could use ego stroking after that failure of flirting. But I'll settle for an hour or two of Maple Story and then some work on Imperial Kingdoms.

PS: Going by his first & last name and his city & state, I'm pretty sure I have his phone number and address. That'd just be freaky if I called or mailed him, wouldn't it? .... It's sooo tempting though. x_x'
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