June 22nd, 2005

Happy, Happy - Get Real (Steve)

Tombstone (or Urn) Writings

If I died tomorrow this is what I'd want on my tombstone (or engraved on my urn):

	$name = 'Russell Lee';
	$birth = date('07-06-1986');
	$death = date('06-23-2005');
	if (date() > $death) exit;

And there had better not be any syntax errors on my grave.

... Would I really want that on my grave? Eh, maybe not, but it would amuse a few coders.
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Happy, Happy - Get Real (Steve)

Time to move again

I'm ready to move away from Tennessee now. I'm just a little annoyed by the number of 30+ year old guys who have emailed me looking for friends and a fun time. And they didn't even bother to read my info because I put certain things in there about contacting me and none of them so far have used any of them.

Cincinnati has quite a few job opertunities for PHP/MySQL and maybe even more in the yellow pages. It's looking really nice, even with the number of obsticles to deal with.
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